Real World $ Virtual Experiences

Diaspora’s community will encourage experiences in a varied way to support the global community. As part of the Web3 movement, we will provide unique metaverse experiences that align with our pillars and allow for simultaneous global participation. As a companion, we will provide opportunities for the community to meet up for quality in-person events. As a grassroots community, the quality of experiences, location, and objectives will be paramount to success. Each event will serve a purpose to the growth of the DAO and or upskilling.

Upskilling & Masterclass

Diaspora will provide a whiteglove onboarding experience for community members at all levels of proficiency. Part of our goal is to build a community for all, demystifying the DAO experience. This will include providing education through various masterclasses on Web3, creating an opportunity for members to further contribute.

Augmented Experiences & New Product Incubation

Through the integration of augmented reality (AR) technology, we aim to enhance the way people interact with digital assets, NFTs, and decentralized platforms. Diaspora DAO is also dedicated to building products that align with our four pillars while also supporting members that would like to do so as well with the DAO's support.

Diaspora will support projects in 4 key pillars